The holidays are quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start tackling your shopping list! If you’re struggling to figure out gifts for a select few on your list, the good news is that Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder is the perfect gift option for just about everyone. From your best friend that keeps talking about sporadic breakouts to your mom who deserves the absolute best with every gift you choose, Kallgren Dermatology has something for you! 

We have compiled our 2019 Gift Guide to provide you with some insight into some of our most popular products that are sure to be winners! When you shop in the month of December, you also have the chance to load up on even more incredible products thanks to our Let it Snow December Special. Learn more about that special, find the perfect products for your loved ones, and stop by our dermatology clinic in Boulder to finish up your Christmas shopping!

Now, without further ado, let’s get started with our 2019 Gift Guide.

Vitamin K Serum by Revision

If there’s one thing that we can all count on here in Colorado, it’s the dry skin that inevitably occurs during the change of seasons. Whether you’re a long-time native or you’ve just recently moved to the area, having a quality moisturizer is a must. The Vitamin K Serum by Revision is an absolutely amazing option for anyone that lives in the area or simply loves a good moisturizer! 

This lightweight and oil-free serum conditions the skin with an extremely potent form of vitamin K known as Phytonadione. There are tons of antioxidant benefits along with the added moisture. The smooth skin that this product creates is something to admire, making it a fantastic gift for all.

EltaMD Moisturizer by EltaMD

While we’re on the topic of moisturizers, let’s talk about the EltaMD Moisturizer that is an absolute must for anyone with sensitive or overly dry skin. This particular moisturizer melts on contact and helps to retain 90% of the skin’s natural moisture for about 12 hours. It is incredibly gentle so as not to disturb any skin that is tender, irritated, inflamed, or flaky. For individuals with extremely dry skin or skin that doesn’t transition well with the seasons, the EltaMD moisturizer is a game changer. 

If there’s a loved one of yours that you know has been looking for a quality product to help relieve irritation, redness, or dry, flaky skin, this moisturizer is a great gift to give.

Latisse Eyelash Serum

Longer, thicker lashes are something that all of us want. What a life it would be to have thick enough lashes that mascara was simply an option and not something needed to make your lashes stand out. With that in mind, a fantastic product that we do have available here at Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder is the Latisse Eyelash Serum. This eyelash serum is the first FDA-approved product that helps with growing longer, fuller, darker eyelashes. 

This particular product is known for yielding fast, incredible results. Again, this is another product available in our dermatology clinic that can help your loved one feel their absolute best.

Give Certificates

There are tons of great procedures and products that we have available here at Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder. While the guide above is a great place to start, it can be difficult to shop for skin care for someone else. If you’re not entirely sure which procedure or product your loved one would benefit from most, but you know that they would appreciate a gift of this sort, give them a gift certificate! This option allows them to purchase the procedure or product that they know works, without you having to guess.

Stop by Kallgren Dermatology Today

Get a head start on your holiday shopping by stopping by Kallgren Dermatology. We would be more than happy to help you go through the various products and procedures to find the right one to gift or, we can get a gift certificate written out so that you can let your loved one shop on their own. Whatever it may be, giving gifts from Kallgren Dermatology for the holidays is never a bad idea. Stop by our location in Boulder or contact our team with any questions and we will get you taken care of!