Living in Colorado means being ready for a change in the seasons, sometimes within the same day, or even hour. We know a storm can roll lin and bring a hail storm or even flurries. By the same token, the clouds can roll out and leave us baking in the sun. It feels good for a few minutes, but it’s never long before you can practically feel the damage from the sun’s rays on your skin. Fair skinned people will know this feeling quite well but the sum damages all tones of skin.

Educate Yourself

  • As your dermatologist in Boulder, Kallgren believes that education about skin care skin is part of what we do.
  • We know that choosing a sunscreen can be a hassle.
  • You end up standing in the sunscreen aisle reading labels, not always totally sure what you are looking for.
  • The next few blogs will be dedicated to sun smart decisions you can make to keep your sun healthy and protected from sun damage.

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

  • Using sunscreen on a daily basis the one of the best things you can do to keep you skin safe from the damage rays of the sun.
  • Sunscreen needs to be broad spectrum.
  • There are two types of rays that you need to stop: UVA rays, and UVB rays.
  • Therefore, you need a broad-spectrum sunscreen to fully protect your skin.
  • Never use a sunscreen that gives you protection from just one type since that will more likely give you a false sense of security.

Check back next week for more information about UVA and UVB rays and how to choose a sunscreen. If you haven’t had your yearly skin check for signs of cancer or precancerous growths, call today and make an appointment.