If you are looking for a dermatology office in Boulder for your yearly skin checks, to help you with common skin issues or to help you age more gracefully, Kallgren Dermatology Clinic is what you are looking for.  We are staffed by highly qualified dermatologists who have extensive experience with helping men and women maintain a youthful appearance.

Aging Gracefully

  • Our doctors take a special interest in helping people maintain healthy-looking, youthful skin. We also carry a number of products that are designed to help your skin stay vital and youthful. One of these products is CeraVe SA. We recommend it because it contains ceramides that deliver hydrating lipids to your skin on a cellular level.

The Promise of Ceramides

  • We’ve all seen ads for cosmetics that promise to hide fine lines. There are foundations and silicone bases to use to help give your skin a smooth, youthful appearance. But what if you could ‘hide’ the fine lines by getting rid of them or delaying their appearance? This is the promise of ceramides.

Replenish Your Ceramides

  • As we grow older our bodies make fewer of certain cells that function to keep us young. The result is the aging process. One type of cells that become depleted is ceramides. In 2005, a French company discovered a wheat-based source for ceramides that can be used on human skin and is identical to our own ceramides. By replenishing the depleted ceramide supply in our skin, we can slow this part of the aging process. The result is skin that remains young looking longer.

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