If you, like me, are a woman of a certain age, there are a few things that are certain. Firstly, you hate the phrase “of a certain age,” as much as I do. Secondly, we know that the years of our lives are what make us great, give us the wisdom, perspective, and humor to enjoy life more than we did when we were younger.

Thirdly, despite loving your life, your body, and maybe even that streak of gray in your hair, you can admit that your face doesn’t look like you feel inside. Those fine lines that seem to appear after a long day, or when you are dehydrated are still there after a good night’s sleep and when you are as hydrated as you can be. Or maybe you go to wipe off the smudged eyeliner under your eye only to discover that the purplish tone is your skin, and not eyeliner at all. Luckily, these moments happen slowly over the years, and one would hope that gives us time to adjust psychologically to the loss of our youth and to face our mortality.

Well, I have a few words to say to that. Not. Yet. and No. Way.

Instead of philosophizing over the glory of life and wisdom, I’ll call Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder, and talk to one of their great dermatologists who specializes in helping women, and men for that matter, minimize the visible signs of aging. I’ll investigate Juvederm and Botox and anything else that will help me look younger.  And you know what? I’ll still be wise, still be funnier and more sardonic that I’ve ever been *and* I’ll look fabulous. That’s for certain.

Call Kallgren Dermatology and join me in looking and feeling fabulous.