Aging Gracefully by Taking Care of Your Skin
Aging Gracefully by Taking Care of Your Skin

If you are are looking for a Boulder dermatology office, look no further than Kallgren Dermatology Clinic. Our highly skilled and dedicated doctors treat common skill issues and are very interested in helping you slow the visible signs of the aging process. We all reach the point that makes us think about the aging process and how to age gracefully. When our faces start to show the signs of aging but we are still vital, active and energetic we want, of course, to look as young as we feel! Kallgren Dermatology offers a number of products and procedures that can slow the visible signs of aging.

There are some basic things you can do to help keep you skin from showing the signs of aging.

  • Don’t sunbathe or use tanning beds
  • Time your exposure. Avoid being out in the sun between 10 Am and 2 PM
  • Wear sunscreen that gives you broad-spectrum protection. We recommend EltaMD Sunscreens because they provide physical barrier protection that protects against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Wear a hat when you are in the sun. Chose a hat with  a 360-degree rim to protect you no matter the angle of the sun.
  • Remember that sun damage is cumulative you don’t start over every spring.
  • Get a yearly skin cancer check at your dermatologist to catch anything early.
  • Use a good moisturizer. We recommend the CeraVe line of facial cleansers and moisturizers. They have ingredients that are scientifically proven to help the skin maintain its youthful vigor.

If you have any question about what anti-aging procedures or products are right for you, dont’ hesitate to call our office and make a consultation appointment.