Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder is staffed by some of the most highly qualified, highly educated dermatologists in the area. We treat a variety of general skin disorders as well as provide anti-aging treatment for those who want to slow the appearance of the signs of aging.

One disorder that we treat is Alopecia or hair loss. There are three subtypes of Alopecia: Alopecia Areata where hair will fall out of the scalp in round patches, Alopecia Totalis where all the hair on the scalp will fall out, and Alopecia Universalis where all body hair is lost. In some cases, hair will grow back but may fall out again and in some cases the hair may take years to grow back. The cause is the destruction of the hair follicle and what causes this destruction is an autoimmune response

A dermatologist can help some cases of alopecia by prescribing one of several medications including corticosteroids which suppress the immune system. This treatment is injected directly into the area of hair loss. Another medication that is sometimes prescribed is Minoxidil, a hair re-growth medicine. This is a topical treatment and can be used on children.

While hair does grow back in come cases, it sometimes falls out through several cycles until it grows back for good. In any case, the emotional toll of losing your hair is what worries friends and families of Alopecia sufferers. It can be hard to lose your hair and you can rest assured your dermatologist will do everything she or he can to minimize hair loss and get you back to your old head of hair.