Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in boulder knows you love your active Boulder lifestyle and we all know that summer or winter, the air in Colorado can be done dry. If you already have skin that it prone to dryness and this can give you real problems. We have a solution! Kallgren carried CeraVe products including CeraVe SA Renewing Lotion. This lotion has a few things that will help you banish dry skin.

Multivesicular Emulsion (MVE®) is a high-tech invention used by CeraVe products to give you the moisturizing benefits in a time release form.

Salicylic Acid will aid in sloughing off of the outer layer of dry skin, revealing the fresh, moist layer you want to see and feel.

Vitamin D This vitamin does amazing things in the body. Everyone knows that our bodies manufacture Vitamin-D when we are exposed to the sun, but what if you do your best to limit your sun exposure? You only need a few minutes of sun exposure a day for your body to manufacture the amount of Vitamin D that your bones need. But you skin can use some help getting it directly to the layers of skin that use it. Recent research has shown that Vitamin D is used in every type of cell in the body. In the skin, it turns on antioxidants the deactivate free radicals that arrive in the form of rays of the sun.

Fun fact!  People with red hair have a higher than average ability to absorb Vitamin D from sunlight, but since their normally extra fair skin makes them prone to skin cancer, it is extra important for them to protect themselves from the sun.