Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder is all about skin. Our Dermatology clinic is staffed by highly trained medical professionals, lead by Dr. Diane Kallgren M.D. and we treat common and uncommon disorders of the skin. We also offer treatments and products to help you retain a youthful appearance as long as possible. We highly recommend yearly skin checks for skin cancer. In a skin cancer check, we look for growths that can be precancerous as well as cancerous growths. One thing we get asked about quite often is moles and if and when they should be removed. We thought we’d take the opportunity of this blog to go over a few mole facts.

  1. Everyone has moles. Most people have between ten and 40 moles.
  2. Moles usually appear before you turn twenty.
  3. Sun exposure can cause more moles to appear.
  4. Moles are known as nevi.

Types of Moles. Generally speaking there are three types of moles.

Congenital Moles

  • These moles are on your body from birth.
  • These are known as Congenital Nevi. Any mole that appears before the age of two is considered congenital.

Acquired Moles

  • Acquired nevi appear after sun exposure and are considered benign tumors.
  • They do have a risk of becoming cancerous and should be watched and possibly removed.

Atypical Moles

  • The third type of nevi is an atypical mole or dysplastic nevi.
  • These are larger than a pencil eraser and irregularly shaped. The color is uneven and the border is uneven. The color can vary from red to brown to black.
  • They run in families and run the risk of becoming cancerous and should be carefully watched and likely removed.

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