You can’t buy happiness, but you can invest in beautiful, long lashes, which is kind of the same thing! Most of us wish our eyelashes were fuller, longer, and darker. We’ve bought all the best eyelash growth serums on the market, and we’ve even tried mixing up our own Pinterest-inspired concoctions at home. We’ve experimented with eyelash extensions and false lashes, but we never seem to get the result we want. Enter LATISSE®.

LATISSE (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.3 mg/mL) is the only prescription eyelash serum that has been approved by the FDA for people who do either do not have enough lashes or whose lashes appear fine, dull, and light in color. LATISSE isn’t like other lash serums — it’s safe, easy to use, and incredibly effective, producing significantly longer, fuller lashes in as little as four weeks.

If you want your eyelashes to look full and healthy, ditch the lash extensions and pamper your natural eyelashes instead. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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During the month of July, Kallgren Dermatology Clinic is offering a 25% discount on LATISSE lash growth serums while supplies last. This isn’t a spa treatment — LATISSE is an over-the-counter eyelash growth serum that can be applied once per day to the base of the upper lashes (for topical on upper lash line only). Just one drop of LATISSE lash serum per eyelid every day can produce full results in just a few months.

Our dermatologists have seen amazing lash transformations with LATISSE, and we are more than happy to provide additional tips, assistance, and recommendations when you visit our Boulder dermatology clinic.

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