Kallgren Dermatology Clinic is proud to be your partner is caring for your skin as you age and we seek to provide you with safe and effective ways to maintain your youthful appearance as long as you can. As we get older it’s easy to wax poetic about the passage of time and how we don’t feel any older on the inside but out outsides change and how we’d like to stop the clock just for a few moments. The passage of time is most easily seen in our children who once clung to our knees, now towering over us and of course, in our faces. One telltale sign we see on our faces, is the deepening of the smile lines. Smile lines are the nasolabial folds that run from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. An effective method to treat these smile lines is Juvéderm injections.

Lip augmentation is another one of the most common uses of Juvéderm. As we age, the lipid cells (basically fat) tends to fall away from our faces and this leaves out lips less full than when we were young. Or maybe you are young and your lips are very thin and you’d like to have fuller lips. Both of these can be helped by Juvéderm injections. Juvéderm injections last between six to nine months so you can maintain a youthful, full-lipped look with just periodic visits to your dermatologist. Then you can wax poetic about how great it is to look as young as you feel, and we all know that is beautiful poetry.