New Decade, New Deals

Not only is this January the start of a new year, it’s also the start of a new decade! We at Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder thought we’d celebrate the occasion by offering double the special deals! A brand new decade deserves the best you possible. Enjoy 25% off Latisse eyelash enhancements and 50% off Zo Growth Factor, and start the new decade off right with beautiful skin and full eyelashes!

Latisse Eyelash Enhancement — 25% Off

Don’t let long, lovely lashes stay a dream. Start your new-year, new-you mission off right with 25% off Latisse eyelash enhancement! Latisse is a special formula that lengthens your eyelashes’ growth period and encourages the growth of new eyelashes, resulting in longer, fuller eyelashes.

Your eyelashes are just like your hair — they grow for a period of time and fall off naturally at their own pace. Eventually, they are replaced by new lashes. Using Latisse on your lashes makes your lashes grow for longer before falling out and encourages more of your lashes to grow to achieve the long, full eyelashes of your dreams.

Using Latisse is easy — simply apply the formula to your upper lash line, and the formula will spread naturally to your lower lashes as you blink throughout the day. Use Latisse once a day and begin to see results after a month, with full results in just four months! You’ll never have to glue on fake lashes to enjoy the lashes of your dreams. Take advantage of our January special and save on your Latisse eyelash enhancement!

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ZO Growth Factor — 50% Off

A new, improved you in the new year starts with new, refreshed skin. Enjoy smoother, sexier skin in 2020 with Ossential Growth Factor Serum Plus from ZO Skin Health! Through all of January, we’re offering 50% off this healing skincare gel at our dermatology clinic in Boulder.

ZO Growth Factor is a lightweight gel that strengthens your skin, supports rejuvenation of your skin, and contains anti-aging properties to protect against future signs of aging. It’s useful for all skin types! ZO Growth Factor benefits your skin by improving its overall appearance, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring hydration to improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Check out our full offering of ZO skincare products, and take advantage of half-priced ZO Growth Factor by ordering today before the month is out!

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