Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder treats common skin disorders, diagnoses and treats skin cancer and assists people who are attempting to combat the physical signs of aging. One skin disorder we treat is seborrheic dermatitis.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

  • It is an inflammatory skin disorder that is usually found on the scalp but can appear in other places.
  • It doesn’t affect other aspects of your health but can be painful and embarrassing.
  • It is not a sign of bad hygiene.
  • When it occurs in babies it is called cradle cap.


  • Red, scaly, painful patches of skin.
  • They can go through cycles of flare-ups and calm times.
  • It appears in oily places such as on the face (in the classic oily t), on the upper back, and on the chest.  
  • It can present in a mild form of dandruff or be more severe and painful.

Seborrheic glands

  • Glands in the skin which regulate oil glands.
  • There may be some caused by a yeast called Malassezia that is in the oil glands of the skin.


  • Dry skin, especially in the winter and late spring can trigger it.
  • Food sensitivities can trigger it or make it worse.
  • Your genetic makeup can make you predisposed to it.
  • Chlorine or other chemicals can make it flare up.


  • Because this can be misdiagnosed it is recommended that you seek medical attention to rule out other diagnoses.
  • After a proper diagnosis, your dermatologist can prescribe medication for you.
  • There is no outright cure, but there are ways to manage it.
  • Trial and error is needed to figure out what works best for you.
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