When we see a beautiful person, be it a man, woman or child we look at the eyes. As the windows to the soul, we see them as signs of health and wisdom. The eyes say so much; you can tell if a person is young, or old, sad or happy, alert or sleepy. And as the frames for he eyes, the eyelashes accentuate these characteristics so it is natural that we would want our lashes to look healthy, thick and long. Thyroid issues can cause thinning of lashes too. Alas, we are not all born with long, thick lashes. Luckily there is there is an answer to thin, short lashes. Latisse is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution applied to the lash line that helps the lashes grown thick and long. It takes about 16 weeks for the results to be significant, but you’ll love the results. When you use Latisse and you are enjoying your lashes and loving using less mascara, you want to take good care of your luscious lashes. A few helpful tips follow. Use a gentle makeup remover, wet your eye makeup with water before using makeup remover to help it come off more easily. Apply Latisse at least 15 minutes before putting in your contacts to avoid irritation. If you are pregnant or wish to become pregnant, do not use Latisse. Just to be safe, don’t use it while you are nursing either. There have been no studies, but common sense says to wait until you are done nursing to use Latisse.