The transition from summer to fall is a tough one to make. For some it’s the challenge of going from summer break back to school or work, for others it’s just the shift in temperature that can take a toll. One thing that you can always count on, though, is the way that your skin transitions from season to season, especially in Colorado.

We’ve had a warmer summer this year, and it’s been a little more humid than most. That being said, it’s important that you know how to protect and care for your skin during these transitioning months. In our blog post today, we’ll cover a few of the things that you can do to prioritize your skin care.

Moisturize Your Skin

As we just mentioned, this summer was a little more humid than previous summers. That being said, our skin has been fortunate enough to enjoy a little more moisture than usual. In this transition, however, we’re bound to go back to that dry Colorado air that we all know and love. This can affect your skin in a few different ways, but the most common one is dryness.

Finding a gentle moisturizer that compliments your skin type is crucial, especially during these transitioning months. By adding it into your skin care regimen now you can avoid the chances of having to catch up with extreme dryness mid-fall.

Continue Protecting

Though temperatures are dropping, the amount of time that we’re spending outside usually goes up! See, hot summer days are fun, but we also take them in smaller doses, and we know to prepare for when we are in the sun for extended amounts of time. This shouldn’t change just because temperatures are dropping!

Even though it may seem like the sun is less powerful, the truth is that you are just as likely, if not more, to get sunburnt on the overcast days. Since temperatures are lower, people are also more likely to larger spans of time outside and will rarely think twice about putting on any sunscreen. Another great tip for preparing you for fall? Continue to protect your skin. Put on sunscreen even if it is only a short amount of time that you’ll be outside for. Your skin will thank you later.

Avoid Hot Water

When temperatures get cooler, a warm shower or bath sounds more and more tempting. Though it may be easy to give in to this temptation, doing so could affect the condition of your skin. The hot water can break down your skin’s natural ability to lock in moisture, which is crucial during these drier months. Aside from that, it can also contribute to excess dryness.

If you do indulge in a bath or shower, do your best to keep them short and manage the water temperature. Once you’re done, gently pat your skin until it’s dry. As a whole, this will help keep your skin nice and moisturized.

Consider a Humidifier

If you’ve been a resident of Colorado and you don’t have a humidifier, it’s time to invest in one! These are a fantastic way to incorporate some moisture to your home when space heaters and your HVAC are only contributing dryness. These small machines are powerful in their results and can help you maintain the moisture in your skin. If you’re someone that naturally struggles with sensitive, dry skin, then this will be an absolute game changer.

Placing a small humidifier in every room of the house can be beneficial, but even just placing one in your bedroom or living room can keep your skin moisturized. Again, if you’re a resident of Colorado and you’ve never used one during the colder months, this will be a serious game changer for your skin, and you will be glad you made the investment.

Visit Your Local Dermatologist

Whether you’re looking for solutions to skin care problems, are interested in learning more about your skin type, or you’re simply wanting a consultation from a professional, you can always count on your local dermatologist to have the solution! Kallgren Dermatology Clinic is proud to provide the surrounding Boulder area with a wide range of dermatology services. Contact our team today to book your next appoint. Our team would be more than happy to provide you with some insight on your skin.