Kallgren Dermatology Clinic is dedicated to the health of your skin because we know that the condition of your skin affects the entirety of your life from your self-confidence to your ability to effectively raise your family or do your job because you are in pain.


Is a skin condition that changes the life cycle of skin cells. This manifests itself as the skin cells build up and form thick, silvery, scales that are itchy, dry and sometimes the red patches can be painful.  These patches can become dry and crack and then bleed and of course infection is then a threat. They can itch, burn and generally be painful. There are several types of psoriasis ranging from a type that affects the finger and toenails to the relatively rare form called erythrodermic psoriasis that covers the entire body.


Healthy skin cells slough off after about 4 weeks, being replaced with new skin cells,  but with psoriasis the skin cells attempt to complete this cycle in days instead of weeks, building up on the surface of the skin


There are certain triggers that can cause psoriasis to occur. When the skin has been injured, the skin can react by developing psoriasis. There are also certain medications that can trigger the skin condition: the psychiatric medication lithium is one of these and Inderal for high blood pressure. Another trigger is having a compromised immune system and this can be any common infection.


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