Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder treats a wide variety of common skin problems and is staffed by some of the most highly qualified dermatologists in the area. We also provide anti-aging treatment for those who want to slow the appearance of the signs of aging. One common skin issue we see is ringworm. We’ve put together some facts about ringworm.

  • Ringworm is known by the small patches of red, sometimes flaky, bumpy skin. Only some of this family of fungi create the well-known circles.
  • It is more common in warm damp locations.
  • It is more common in children.
  • When it is on the scalp it may appear more like a pimple. If you have flakes on your scalp, it is still more likely to be dandruff rather than ringworm.
  • Firstly it should be made clear that Ringworm is not a worm of any time. It is actually a group of fungi called dermatophytes which cause skin infections.
  • Ringworm is infectious and commonly spread in moist places like locker rooms. It is caught be touching someone with it, so only through direct contact.
  • Ringworm can be caught from animals. Cats and dogs can give it to people during grooming and it is quite common in cows. It can sometimes be caught from infected soil, but only after prolonged contact with infected dirt.
  • Antibiotics won’t help. Ringworm is a fungus, not a bacteria and so antibiotics won’t help.
  • Your dermatologist will likely recommend an antifungal cream. There are some available over the counter, but your dermatologist can prescribe one with some mild steroids to help your skin heal.