Even those who are well-educated in beauty still sometimes sleep in their makeup, forgets to put on sunscreen or doesn’t book their yearly appointment with their Boulder dermatologist. In the spirit of a New Year, we’re giving you our best advice on following through with the best skin care routine.

  • Moisturize after your shower. That cozy warm shower may feel great but it’s stripping your skin of essential oils. Keep body lotion right in your shower so that you remember to apply it when you skin is damp within 10 minutes after your shower.
  • Make it a point to wear sunscreen every day this year – even in the winter! We suggest applying, at least, SPF 30 every day before going outdoors. Try sun protection wipes or look for sunscreen labels that say “sheer” or “nongreasy.”
  • Shower after the gym! We know a lot of women have transitioned over to smaller studios rather than big box gyms and oftentimes they don’t have showers. If your studio doesn’t have a shower, wear moisture-wicking clothing and throw some salicylic acid pads in your gym bag! This will, at least, allow you to wipe down your face, chest, and back after the gym to reduce risks of acne breakouts.
  • Book a yearly check up to check on those moles. Having your Boulder dermatologist check on your moles and survey your body once a year is imperative.
  • Exfoliate regularly but don’t overdo it. Use a gentle face scrub with an exfoliating feature once or twice a week.
  • Don’t forget about your hands this year, either. Stop treating your nails like tools and keep your hands hydrated with SPF hand cream.