As if there are not enough changes going on in perimenopause, many women also experience changes to their skin. In this week’s blog,  we’ll look at some of these changes and how to deal with them. We are Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder, and we treat women of all ages and through all changes in life. Call us today to see how we can help you.


  • Perimenopause is the time in your life that directly precedes menopause. You have reached menopause when you have not had your period for a year. The time leading up to this point, during which your body shifts into a non-fertile phase, is known as perimenopause. During perimenopause, your body will slowly, and unevenly, cease production of the female hormone estrogen. Because estrogen is an essential mechanism in many parts of our body, changes all over the body can be attributed to this drop in estrogen. Most women are familiar with many of the symptoms, which include periods that are irregular in spacing and flow, hot flashes, sleep problems, vaginal dryness, bladder problems, sexual function, bone loss, and changes in cholesterol levels. And, if all this wasn’t enough to look forward to, a woman’s skin also changes.

Skin Changes During Perimenopause

The Collagen Connection

Your body’s collagen production is dependant on estrogen, and as estrogen levels go down, your body will make less collagen. Collagen is responsible for the creation of oils that moisturize your skin. It also functions as a supportive protein, and as it decreases, the skin will become looser and lose its elasticity. The lack of collagen can also make your skin dry and itchy.


  • While not connected to estrogen production, ceramides play a role in youthful-looking skin. They help keep your skin plump as they function as the mortar between skin cells. As they become depleted as you age, your skin can look thinner.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Youthful Looking Skin

Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Almost every doctor will bring up hormone replacement therapy to control the drop in estrogen and bring your body in for a smooth landing, but not all women can take hormones.
  • For women with a history of migraines, who smoke, or who have family histories that contraindicate hormone use, there are also bioidentical progesterone supplements that can help.

Diet and Supplements

  • Eating foods that are high in phytoestrogens is recommend by many people. This group of foods includes seaweed, soy beans, tofu, beans, chickpeas, and red clover.


  • Be sure to continue to protect your skin from sun exposure, as the UVA rays of sunlight are responsible for photoaging of the skin.


  • A quick walk down the skincare aisle of any drug store will have you dizzy with options. The best choices though are products that contain ceramides such as CeraVe and products that contain retinol.

Botox and Cosmetic Procedures

  • There are, of course, more direct ways of holding the appearance of aging. Botox, chemical peels, and injectables such as Juvederm can give your face a youthful appearance.
  • One of the best things you can do for your skin is to have a partner in doing all you can so the youthfulness of your skin matches how young you feel on the inside. Call Kallgren Dermatology Clinic today for an appointment and get an ally in growing older gracefully.

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