The summer sun can make it feel like your skin is burning in just a matter of minutes. This sensation often spurs people to think more deeply about sun exposure. As your dermatologist in Boulder, we see the effects of sun exposure everyday because we live at such a high altitude. This blog series will focus on some myths and misconceptions about sun exposure.

Vitamin D

  • UVB rays are a source for vitamin D, this much is true, but the body doesn’t need a lot of sun exposure to make enough vitamin D to be healthy. In fact, the body stops making vitamin D after just five or ten minutes, so even casual exposure a few days a week provides your body with enough opportunity to manufacture sufficient amount of vitamin D for your good health. Exposing yourself for longer than five to ten minutes a few times a week is shifting the positives of vitamin D and increasing your chance of skin cancer.

Car Windows

  • It is a common phenomena for people to have more sun exposure on one side of the body, that side being the one facing the sun while driving as opposed to side that is on the interior side of the car. People sometimes think that the windows of the car protects them, and that any sun exposure must be from having the window open. This is partially true. Car manufacturers make the front window able to stop both UVA  and UVB rays, but the side windows are designed to stop just UVB, so the UVA still gets through to your skin.

Check back for our next blog to learn more truths about sun exposure so you can protect yourself from premature aging and skin cancer. Call Kallgren Dermatology to schedule an annual skin check.