When you are looking for a dermatologist in the Boulder area, you want someone who understands your active Colorado lifestyle, and your desire to look young as long as possible without taking extreme measures. In this blog series, we have some tips for you about things you can do to maintain youthful looking skin.


  • It is really important to remember that sun damage is cumulative.
  • Even if your tan or freckles have faded, the damage from the sun that occurred from last years suns exposure has not.
  • It’s imperative that you use a high-quality sunscreen. Kallgren Dermatology recommends EltaMD sunscreens.
  • These broad spectrum barrier sunscreens reflect the damaging rays of the sun off of your skin’s surface.
  • We carry EltaMD carries sunscreen ranging from SPF 30 to 50, including tinted sunscreen, lip balm, and lotion with sunscreen.

Drink Lots of Water

  • As important as a good moisturizer is, it is equally important to hydrate your skin from inside.
  • Being dehydrated can make you skin look dry and wrinkled.
  • According to an article in Women’s Health, The International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that “drinking 2.25 liters (9.5) cups) of water every day for four weeks altered skin density and thickness.
  • Another study, from the University of Missouri-Columbia, found that drinking just 500 milliliters of water (about two cups) increased blood flow to the skin.


Kallgren Dermatology wants to you to look your best while also maintaining your active lifestyle. Call for a consultation or for your yearly skin check.