Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder is the place to turn if you are interested in having the most highly qualified dermatologist as a partner in fighting the visible signs of aging. A member of our staff, Sue Rancis, PA-C, specializes in helping patients find the right product and procedures to help them minimize the signs of aging.

The Root Cause of Aging

It’s easy to wax poetic about aging and how one must remain young at heart, but the plain, scientific reality is that cellular mechanisms proceed as time passes, and these mechanisms are the root of the visible signs of aging. One thing that occurs is that the body’s production of ceramides decreases over time.


Ceramides are a biolipid in the skin. A biolipid is a fat cell that also has a job to do. These cells act as mortar between the cells, which are the bricks in this analogy. As a person ages, the number of ceramides in the skin decreases. By the age of 60, 30 percent of them are gone, creating thinner skin.

The Good News!

Yes, as you age, your skin is not making ceramides like it used to, and this gives your skin less elasticity and cause  it to droop. But the good news is that in 2005, a French company discovered that the ceramides in a particular wheat are compatible with human skin. With this knowledge, many products have been made to help skin retain its ceramides and thus, elasticity and thickness.

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