If you have sensitive skin, you’ve probably experienced inconvenient breakouts, random rashes, and recurring acne that refuses to clear up. This often makes formal events, social gatherings, and public outings uncomfortable, as breakouts can sometimes make people feel self-conscious. Sensitive skin can be even more frustrating for men, as frequent shaving can cause one’s face and neck to break out with little effort. Though sensitive skin can be difficult to keep under control, there are many tools and methods for looking after sensitive skin to keep your breakouts at bay. Below, we’ll outline a few easy tricks and tips you can use to manage your sensitive skin. Following the simple methods below will aid in the recovery of irritated skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and happy.

Find a pH-Balanced Soap

Many soaps and shampoos will strip your body of oils and healthy bacteria, leaving your skin dry, flaky, and irritated. Some soaps will even cause your skin to produce more oil than you started with while washing your face. With so many soaps to choose from, it can be difficult finding the right one for your skin type. To easily know which soap will work best for your sensitive skin, eliminate all the generic soaps you would normally use and find a pH-balanced soap. Soap that is pH neutral cleanses sensitive skin without leaving it too dry or oily. People who have sensitive skin know that overly dry or oily skin will immediately cause an uncomfortable breakout. For this reason, pH-balanced soap is an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

Try Microfiber Bedding

While many people think that keeping your skin healthy starts with showering and exfoliating, the truth is there are many opportunities for your skin to react adversely to less than ideal conditions. Many individuals with sensitive skin don’t consider that their bedding could be causing breakouts on their neck, back, and face. If you have sensitive skin and sweat while you sleep, your cotton sheets could be doing more harm than good. Microfiber sheets do an excellent job of wicking away moisture, and also possess anti-allergen properties to keep your skin fresh and healthy. If you experience breakouts on your back after waking up, you could benefit greatly from using microfiber sheets and pillow cases.

Try a Face Wash That Contains Sulfur

Sulfur has been used as a natural cleansing property for centuries. Face washes that contain sulfur effectively remove bad bacteria while sloughing away dead skin cells, making your face look fresh and renewed. While face washes containing sulfur may help some individuals with sensitive skin, certain sulfur treatments can dry out the skin. This is why it is best to first use sulfur-based products sparingly to see how your skin reacts to its effects.

If you suffer from irritation due to skin sensitivity, and are looking for an easy solution to clear up breakouts and recurring acne, the tips above could help you restore your skin to a healthier state. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your skin care appointment, call Kallgren Dermatology Clinic today.