The dermatologists at Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder share your love of the great outdoors of Colorado, and as medical care providers for skin, we want to warn you about the dangers of too much winter sun exposure.


  • Most people think of sunscreen as a summer skin necessity, but wintertime sun is just as damaging to skin as summertime sun.
  • If you are outside in the snow, you must remember that the sun reflected off of the snow is still damaging to the skin.
  • Be sure to wear sunscreen on a daily basis and extra strong sunscreen if you’ll be out skiing.
  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your lips and under your chin to protect against reflection rays off of the snow.
  • Don’t forget the backs of your hands and upper chest too, if they are exposed at all to the sun. Those areas will betray your age, even if you have wrinkle-free facial skin.
  • You can’t must sunscreen lotion on your eyes, of course, but you can wear sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun will help you avoid cataracts as you age.


  • Use a product like CeraVa SA Renewing Lotion to help build up the protective layer of your skin. It gives needed hydration to your skin.
  • Don’t forget to drink lots of water. The air in the winter is so dry that you can become dehydrated without realizing it.
  • Using a humidifier in your house is a great idea to help keep your skin (not to mention your sinuses) happy and moist.  


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