Aging Gracefully by Taking Care of Your Skin


Kallgren Dermatology in Boulder is your local dermatologist to turn to for any skin issue you may be having. We treat skin disorder of all types, from eczema to psoriasis. We are proud to have on staff, a board certified Physicians Assistant who specializes in helping men and women retain a youthful appearance. Taking care of your skin to minimize the visible signs of aging requires a holistic approach by the patient and the medical professional. We’ve gathered some tips and options for staying as young looking on the outside as you feel on the inside.


Healthy Habits

  • Eating healthy food and drinking enough water can go a long way in the pursuit of healthy skin. Eating foods high in sugars can trigger the production of hormones that trigger acne breakouts. Drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated and also helps to flush out toxins. You can try coconut water too if you like it. It is known for being a tasty way to hydrate.
  • Protecting your skin from sun damage is essential for life-long healthy skin. This is especially important for Boulder residents who love the outdoor lifestyle. Our active lives and the altitude open us up to sun damage. Kallgren Dermatology recommends a barrier-type, full spectrum sunscreen such as EltaMD products you’ll find here.
  • Moisturize your skin on a daily basis. It’s a great idea to use a daily moisturizer with some SPF sunscreen in it so your skin always has at least a little sun protection. We offer a quality line of moisturizer products that you can view here. We love this line in part because they contain ceramides, which help reinforce the structure of your skin on a molecular level.


  • Even if  you’ve lived a healthy life and have taken care of your skin, the signs of aging will still sneak up on you. We offer a number of procedures to stop time in its tracks, for a while, or even reverse the visible signs of aging. We offer Botox that interrupts the nerve signals to muscles and causes them to relax and thus, making fine wrinkles even finer. For deeper wrinkles, injectables such as Juvederm can be used to fill up the wrinkle, giving the skin’s surface a smoother appearance.

Kallgren Dermatology will use all the tools at our disposal to help you maintain a youthful appearance that makes you look and feel young. Call today for a consultation appointment.