Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder is your local resource for dermatological care for your skin. We treat common skin disorders and provide skin rejuvenation procedures as well.


One of the skin disorders we treat regularly is psoriasis. According to the Mayo Clinic, psoriasis is a skin disorder that affects the life cycle of skin cells. Instead of cycling through dead skin cells at a normal rate, the skin cells regenerate at a faster pace than the skin can slough them off. As a result, a build of skin cells develops on the skin surface. This buildup is commonly painful and itchy. They appear as red patches with silvery scales.

Winter Flare-Ups

The last thing that psoriasis sufferers need is dry air to cause a flare up of symptoms, but that is just what happens in the winter time.

  • The best way to deal with dry winter air is to keep your skin moisturized with lotions that have proven effective for you. This may take some trial and error to discover exactly which lotion works best for your skin.
  • Avoid taking very hot showers. The higher the heat, the more effective the water is at washing away the natural protective oils on your skin.
  • Wear soft clothing. It is likely you’ve noticed which textiles inflame your psoriasis and which ones sooth it. Get rid of any article of clothing that cause a flare-up and treat yourself to a new, soft replacement.

If your flare up is out of control, call Kallgren Dermatology for an appointment.