Great looking skin seldom just happens on it’s own, especially as the decades pass. It takes a care regimen, and good habits to make sure your skin looks smooth and has as few wrinkles as you can manage. Kallgren Dermatology Clinic in Boulder has been helping women and men keep healthy looking skin since we were founded by doctor Kallgren in 2006. Here are some tips to help you keep your skin healthy.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

  • Besides using high-quality barrier sunscreen such as EltaMD sunscreen, you need to practice good habits when it comes to sun exposure.
  • Always wear a hat with a wide brim. Even in the winter, the sun at the high altitudes in Colorado exposes your skin to a dangerous amount of both UVA and UVB rays. 
  • Find shade. Unless you are hiking out on the plains, you can usually find a few a trees that create shade for you to shelter under. If you are cold, put your back to the sun to keep your face protected from the rays of the sun.
  • Invest in protective clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt with UV protection. They are not cheap, but they can be used regularly and earn their keep by protecting you.

Good Habits

  • Don’t smoke. Smoking is horrible for your skin. Smoking narrows your blood vessels in your skin, denying them the oxygen they need to be healthy.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking damages elastin and collagen in your skin.
  • Collagen and elastin keep your skin strong and flexible. Without them, your skin will sag and will thin.

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