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So you’ve suddenly developed an itchy rash, or hives or swelling around your eyes. You are trying to figure out what the cause it, so you can avoid it in the future. You also need to know how to treat it.



You have a rash when you skin turns red and itchy but is still flat, not swollen into bumps. A rash is commonly caused by a contact allergy, meaning you skin has come in direct contact with something that is causing irritation. This is called allergic contact dermatitis. Common instances of this are poison ivy, dyes and fragrances. This is why try to think if you’ve started using a new laundry detergent or soaps when you present with a rash.



You have hives when you break out in itchy red or pale bumps. They can be just itchy or painful with a burning sensation. If individual bumps going together, they are called plaques. Hives are a histamine reaction to certain stimuli. Insect stings, foods, or even sunlight can sauce hives. Usually, antihistamines can help this reaction and calm the hives.



If your ‘hives’ seem to be more under the skin swelling, it is likely you are having what’s known as angioedema and can cause a blocking of the air passages and can threaten your life. This reaction is seen in the soft tissues of the eyelids, mouth and genitalia.


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