It happens to us all at some point: we wake up with dark smudges under our eyes and puffiness in our under eye area and eyelid. At first, you may think it is left over eyeliner from the night, but when it doesn’t wipe off with makeup remover, you realize it’s your skin and sigh. There is no reason to surrender to looking like your father, whose dark circles are just part of the landscape of his face. There are things you can do to take control of the dark circles and puffiness and that’s what we’ll cover in this week’s blog from your Boulder dermatologist. We treat dermatological issues of all types and have specialists in cosmetic procedures as well. We are dedicated to helping you get and maintain healthy and youthful skin.

What Causes Dark Circles?

  • The technical term for dark circles under the eyes is “periorbital.”
  • These dark circles can be caused by allergies, medication side effects, anemia, fatigue, or eczema.
  • One of the major causes of dark circles is normal aging. As you age, your skin loses collagen and this causes the skin to thin and become more translucent, creating the dark patch of skin under your eye.
  • If your eyes suddenly have dark circles where there have previously had none, it is wise to get an official medical diagnosis.

What Causes Puffiness?

  • The technical term for puffiness around the eyes is “periorbital puffiness,” and this is different than the the loose skin and build up of the padding of fat that naturally occurs in the aging process.
  • The underlying cause is a buildup of fluids in the cells in this area.
  • The causes of this puffiness are many, and include: illness such as mononucleosis, sleep deprivation, drinking alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use.
  • Other causes are eating too much salt which leads to water retention, crying (tears are salt water and add to the water retention), and allergies.
  • If the puffiness around your eyes is sudden and extreme, seek medical attention.

What Can be Done?

  • One of the first courses of remedy is to remove the causes that you can identify from the list above.
  • Try to get some sleep, stop drinking and smoking, or use less salt in your cooking.
  • Seek medical attention to rule out a medical cause for which you can seek treatment.

Home Remedies

  • The most well-known remedy is cucumbers. Yes, those movies and TV shows have it right. The cool cucumber acts as a cold compress and is just the right shape to fit in the the orbital area. If you cover the cucumbers with a cool, damp cloth the pressure will help sooth the entire area.

Dermatological Remedies

  • At our dermatology clinic, we’ve seen lots of products that claim to treat dark circles under the eyes.
  • The one creme we’ve decided is most effective is the specially formulated Revision Teamine Eye Complex.
  • This product not only diminished the appearance of dark circles, but also smooths fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.
  • Revision Teamine Eye Complex also firms and brightens the skin around your eyes for an over youthful look.

Stop into our office and pick up some Revision Teamine Eye Complex and really treat the dark circles under your eyes and save the cucumbers for your salad!  Call today for more information or an appointment with one of our dermatologists.